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We Are Invisible

Sadly, the 2015 Minnesota legislature did not approve the 5% increase for home and community based supports.  Although the 5% Campaign did an excellent job, and the Professional Home Care Association supported the effort fully, it was not enough to get the increases that we so badly need in home care. What’s the problem with home...
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National Nurses Day – May 6, 2015

National Nurses Day is May 6, 2015, but shouldn’t it really be EVERY DAY?  Many thanks to our nurses for choosing to be nurses, choosing home care, and choosing to make a difference in the lives of our clients!

The American Nurses Association has declared this years’ theme for nursing “Ethical Practice.  Quality Care.”  In support of that theme, they are offering a free webinar on Thursday, May 7 at noon (CDT) called “My Patient, My Code, My Practice: Ethical Decision-making and Action.”  Click here to register –

Communities of Care does extensive training for our nurses on professional boundaries and ethical decisions.  We know that fraud and a lack of boundaries can happen in any profession, but it is even more important in healthcare!

We thank our nurses – and nurses everywhere.  You make a difference every day!

Entrepreneurs Unite!

I was honored to be a mentor in the 4th annual Entrepreneur's Organization Mentor Rally yesterday! The Rally is an event where experienced entrepreneurs mentor new entrepreneurs in a round-robin format. We provide relevant experience, advice, and networking to people trying to get their businesses started. I was really...
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