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Gerber’s 2022 Baby Raises Awareness of Limb Differences

Gerber’s 2022 Baby Raises Awareness of Limb Differences

Meredith and John Slish got a huge surprise on the Today show when their daughter Isa was announced as the winner of the 2022 Gerber Photo contest. As the new Chief Growing Officer, baby Isa will get a $25,000 cash prize and melt hearts across the nation. In another first, Gerber will also donate $25,000 to March of Dimes to support mother and infant health,

Seven-month-old Isa Slish was born without a portion of her right leg due to Congenital Femoral Deficiency and Fibular Hemimelia. Fibular Hemimelia is a birth defect wherein the fibular bone is missing, and Congenital Femoral Deficiency entails a short femur bone, leading to possible hip and knee issues.  Her parents will save their prize for her medical care, according to Today.

The contest has been going on since 2010. However, the original Gerber baby, Anne Taylor Cook, is now 95 years old and more than ready to pass on her mantle. We are happy that Isa is raising awareness of limb differences and continuing to grow and inspire those around her!

Photo courtesy of FOX 9 Virginia.

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