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How to Bring the Birds to the Yard

How to Bring the Birds to the Yard

As we soak up the last days of fall and head into winter, small backyard birds can provide a lovely burst of color. The FOX 9 morning show has some great ideas for cultivating a vibrant birdwatching winter.

First, nature in a backyard plays a considerable role. A local garden shop expert can advise you on what plants will attract the birds you’re looking for, but evergreens are a sure bet. Additionally, make sure to have some water available, likely in a heated birdbath.

Birds need food too, and there are plenty of options for this. The most common options are a suet feeder or a hopper feeder. A squirrel-proof feeder is a solid choice to ensure the birds get what is meant for them.

Different types of food attract different birds, so ask your local pet shop employee what particular blend of nuts and seeds will feed your winged friends.  There are plenty of pre-mixed combinations for specific birds, like cardinals and finches.

We hope these tips and tricks bring you a vibrant backyard this fall and winter!

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