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LifeVac: A New Innovation in Choking Interventions

LifeVac: A New Innovation in Choking Interventions

This week, we want to share an amazing new invention that has already saved 500 individuals from choking incidents and can be used when common rescue methods fail.

In a recent interview with Mike Rowe, Arthur Lih shared that “traditional protocols” for choking, such as the Heimlich or CPR, only have a 50% success rate. He invented the LifeVac to help in unique choking situations, such as when someone is in a wheelchair, pregnant, or even alone. The LifeVac doesn’t require any training or certification and is lightweight and portable.

This demonstration video shows how to place the device over the choking person’s nose and mouth, push down on the plunger, and pull the handle back up to suck the obstruction out of the airway.

LifeVac offers kits for home, travel, rescue services, and schools. We are impressed with Mr. Lih’s innovation and we want to help spread the word and save more lives!

*Photo from company website

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