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The Beauty of Block Schedules

The Beauty of Block Schedules

One defining feature of Communities of Care is our commitment to consistent, stable care routines. From our beginning 20 years ago, we innovated a block schedule model. Here’s how it works.

Our nurses are set up on a two week rotation, with the same shifts every week. This allows them to know their schedules well in advance and make reliable plans around those schedules. A typical shift for a nurse is ten or twelve hours, with a few minutes before or after to brief the next nurse. Nurses will typically work three or four shifts a week, with days off between shifts.

Long-term predictability is difficult in other nursing settings, with schedules that change weekly or monthly. Once our block schedules are set, they don’t change unless requested by a nurse. This consistency allows all nurses to focus less on a schedule and more on providing optimal collaborative care to the client.

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