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The Intentional Home Care Team

The Intentional Home Care Team

Teamwork and equity have always been key values for Communities of Care. We stand apart from other agencies because we created a new model in home care. The old model of nursing agencies is hierarchical, with lead nurses, preferential shifts,  and a pecking order. We don’t do that here.

From day one, Communities of Care has built an egalitarian nursing structure, recognizing and honoring each nurse’s unique contribution to the care team. Each individual has earned a nursing license and we recognize that achievement.  We give nurses responsibility and respect, and allow them to work to their highest potential.  Shifts are scheduled equitably, and nurses work together to give optimal care to each and every client.

We are proud to foster an egalitarian and equitable environment in home care nursing, and we look forward to working with amazing home care nurses who give our clients the best possible care.

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