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The Spirit of Thanksgiving

The Spirit of Thanksgiving

We can all agree it’s been a bizarre year, and the holidays look a little different this year. Despite the changing world, Communities of Care wants to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all. While the holiday is a great placeholder and reminder to be grateful, we can carry a grateful mindset all year long-  even in 2020. Here are four small habits to refocus your attention and notice the little things that bring joy. 

  1. Start a gratitude list.  Whether the list is digital, in a notebook, or on a post-it note, writing down every little positive thing in a day can make a world of difference. Even something as simple as a blue sky, your favorite song, a beloved pet, or a cozy blanket 
  2. Reach out to friends when you think of them. With all of the isolation going on, we could all use a reminder of the community that waits for us. When you remember your brother’s laugh or your best friend’s unbeatable cooking, text or call them! The more we focus on the joy around us, the more we internalize and spread that joy. 
  3. Disconnect from social media.  Even a couple hours offline can help refocus our attention on what is in front of us.
  4.  Be outside in nature. Even as the Minnesota winter encroaches on us, we can bundle up and step into the stillness. The crisp, white world around us reminds us to quiet our minds, wipe the slate clean, and start where we are.

We hope these simple tips can help you practice gratitude and joy all through the year. It may be an unusual year, but holidays are still holidays and can be full of joy if we are intentional.

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