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We LOVE Internal Audits!

We LOVE Internal Audits!

Home health care is known for rampant fraud cases, due to the less visible nature of the industry.  The federal and state OIG (Office of Inspector General) investigate cases of fraud against Medicare/Medicaid; it is a serious offense.

Recently, 8 Minnesotans were charged with defrauding Medicaid $860,000 , and cases like these taint the reputation of ethical home care companies who work to provide the best care possible with accurate billing.

Since our beginning in 1999, High Ethical Standards has been one of our company values.  To ensure accuracy and integrity, Communities of Care voluntarily conducts ongoing internal financial audits to ensure accurate time cards and billing. We examine the schedules in comparison with the timecards we receive,  and we scrutinize both against our invoices and billing.

It is easy to do the right thing, through integrity and diligence.  Those are our core values at Communities of Care, and that is part of why we are such a successful company.

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