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A Guide to Different Lung Sounds

A Guide to Different Lung Sounds

Our nurses often have to monitor our patients’ breathing and lung sounds, to ensure that they are clear and healthy. This helpful guide from EMTPrep plays a variety of lung sounds and displays their common names.

Another helpful guide to lung sounds from Healthline explains the causes of these different types of lung sounds. The most common noise, a “crackling”, happens when fluid fills the air sacs in the lungs. If someone has a “crackling” breath, they likely have pneumonia.

Other lung sounds that may indicate an issue include “rhonchi”, a gurgling/watery sound, wheezing, which is caused by inflamed and narrowed bronchial tubes, and “stridor”, which occurs when the upper airway is too narrow.

Uncommon lung sounds can be intimidating and scary sometimes, but our nurses can help families and clients take the right steps to work through the situation and get back to living their lives!

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