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Welcome to the Communities of Care blog.  Since 1999, we have been providing home care nurses for medically complex children and adults who live in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area.  Many of our clients need home care nursing for conditions like ventilator dependence, tracheotomies, seizure disorders, respiratory disorders, genetic syndromes, heart conditions, neurological conditions, and...
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Breaking the Binary

From the Author: I’ve been working on the following essay for weeks, attempting to precisely articulate the complex thoughts and feelings I have as a person who neither identifies as “abled” nor “disabled”. This is a huge departure from my previous posts, but this topic is very important to me. If you enjoy it, let me...
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Night Shift Nurses – Stay Healthy Working the Night Shift

Home care nursing requires both day shifts and night shifts.   Adjusting to the night shift can be a challenge, but refer to this blog to learn more about ways to make that adjustment successful. Staying healthy while working the night shift is about more than just getting used to being awake when the rest of the...
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