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What We Value

An article in Home Health Care News ( suggests that “Attracting and retaining the best talent and providing them with the best resources available requires a higher level of sophistication and more human capital than ever before." At Communities of Care, we've known that secret since we opened in 1999.  We still use the original Values and Method...
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Nurse and PCA Shortage is a Crisis for Families

A recent Star Tribune article shows how the nurse and PCA shortage is propelling one family into crisis and placing burdensome caregiver responsibilities on a grade-school age boy.   ( Unfortunately, that one family is representative of thousands of families across the state.  Children are caring for disables parents and their siblings.  Aging parents are caring for...
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Adaptive Technology Makes a Difference for People with Disabilities!

Information sources - Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Assistive Technology Pacer Center –Champions for Children with Disabilities, Simon Technology Center

Alexa Can Help

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute recently purchased the Amazon Echo. This wireless speaker and voice command device consists of a 9.25-inch (23.5 cm) tall cylinder speaker with a seven-piece microphone array. The device responds...
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A Letter to New Graduate Nurses

Congratulations on choosing one of the most rewarding (and sought-after) degrees available in 2016!  Nursing jobs are plentiful, and with an estimated 30% of current nurses retiring with the Baby Boomers, you have even more opportunity in the future! As you search for your first job, be flexible.  There are many types of experience that will...
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