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Living Our Values: Client-Centered Care

Living Our Values: Client-Centered Care

We’ve discussed the importance of customized care for our clients (here and here) because it is a cornerstone of our values as a home care agency, and informs everything we do.

Our clients and their families are at the center of the care journey every step of the way. We start with the meet and greet, where potential nurses get a chance to meet the client and their family and see how well they get along, before showing up for their first shift. Establishing familiarity helps everyone feel more comfortable and focus on providing the best care for the client.

Once we have a handful of nurses on staff, our block scheduling method helps both nurses and families feel secure in knowing who will cover each shift. Creating rotating schedules of two weeks also helps nurses plan their lives outside of work.

Once our nurses get to work, we provide customized charting and documentation for each client. Every patient has different medical needs and different routines, and tailoring our documentation helps nurses fill out reports as efficiently as possible.

Finally, we know that while we provide excellent clinical care, we are not the experts on our clients. We collaborate with the client’s family and physicians, and open communication is extremely important to us.

These are just some of the ways we provide quality customized care to each of our clients; and make a measurable difference in their lives every day. If you would like to join our growing team, you can apply for our open positions or email us. You can also refer a potential client if you know someone looking for quality home care. Our doors and inboxes are open!

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