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Our Values: Customized and Collaborative Care

Our Values: Customized and Collaborative Care

One of our core values is customizing each client’s care to their unique needs. Different clients require different medication records, charting, and care plans. Tailoring our documentation to each client makes it easier for nurses to efficiently report and track a client’s health, establishing their baseline and reporting any anomalies or concerns.

We find that the best way to customize client care information is to involve the client’s physician, family, and nurse care team in the process. We deeply value input from parents, physicians, and others who know the client’s health in and out. Families can initially feel uncomfortable having strangers in their house and caring for their children, but we want to foster a collaborative, caring environment where everyone can focus on making a measurable difference in our clients’ lives every day.

Here is a resource to learn more about us. If you would like to join our growing team, you can apply for our open positions or email us.

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