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Meet-and-Greet: How We Set a New Industry Standard

Meet-and-Greet: How We Set a New Industry Standard

This week, we want to share a crucial aspect of our groundbreaking home-care model, the meet-and-greet.   Once we have met a nurse, verified their license, and discussed our openings, we send the nurse out to the client home for a casual meeting that we call the meet-and-greet.  It is an opportunity for the nurse to see the drive and the home; it is also an opportunity for both the nurse and the family to get to know each other’s personalities to see if they are a good fit.  We have experienced many times that a great nurse and a great family simply don’t mesh well together and would not be comfortable working together.  We eliminate that problem ahead of time. We believe that having nurses meet the clients before committing to a case is an integral part of the interview process. This helps everyone become comfortable, and the nurses can focus their energy on caring for the client.

When I began this business in 1999, no local home care agencies did meet-and-greets. Families aren’t generally comfortable leaving their children in the care of a complete stranger; I certainly wasn’t, so I created this process as part of our family-focused model.  A meet-and-greet is an excellent chance for everyone to get to know each other and see how their personalities fit before committing to a long-term arrangement. If either party feels uncomfortable, it’s better to know ahead of time.  The meet-and-greet helps ensure a longer tenure for the nurse and reduces the revolving door problem in home care.

The meet-and-greet is also highly beneficial for the nurses, They have a chance to test their regular commute to work, as well as becoming familiar with the home environment. This helps nurses avoid getting overwhelmed on the first day of official work.

When I started this business, meet-and-greets were unique to Communities of Care, but they have become an industry standard over the years. This is just one way Communities of Care is proud to set an example and be a leader in Minnesota home care. We continue to make a measurable difference in the lives of our clients every day.

Here is a resource to learn more about us. If you would like to join our growing team, you can apply for our open positions or email us.

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