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Excellent Clinical Care – What We Do

Excellent Clinical Care – What We Do

This week, we want to share more of what makes us unique in the home care industry. One of our core values is Excellent Clinical Care. We’ve been practicing Excellent Clinical Care from our beginning in 1999, and we are proud of our thorough training process and our customized charting.

Our excellent care begins with our training process for new nurses. We provide specialized training on complex medical equipment with the equipment providers. We also train our nurses in our office and the client homes. We have a detailed orientation checklist, and nurses must meet all the criteria to complete training. W keep in close communication with the nurses until we feel they are confident in the care they will provide.

In addition to our thorough training, we provide customized charting so that our nurses can focus on caring for the clients instead of a mountain of paperwork. Our charting is tailored to each client and nurses can quickly fill in the important information.

We are proud to be a Minesota leader in home care excellence, and we continue to make a measurable difference in the lives of our clients each day.

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