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Category Archives: What is Home Care?

There’s More to Home Care: Adressing a Common Misconception

At Communities of Care, we are proud to offer professional and compassionate home care across the Twin Cities, but let’s take a minute to redefine “home care”.

Many people experience home care in a limited capacity. Most people think of a nurse visiting their elderly relative after a surgery,...

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Visiting Our Core Values – Caring Professionals

Nurses typically choose their profesión because they are caring people. We admire and applaud this compassionate trait, and we want to serve our clients with caring professionalism.

At Communities of Care, we emphasize the need to blend professional boundaries with care and compassion. We have specific trainings on professional...

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Home Care – Teamwork, Integrity, and Service

If you want to make a difference with your work or are simply looking for a career change, home care nursing might be an excellent option for you! At Communities of Care, we are committed to a culture of collaboration. Our nurses have a unique opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship with clients, their families, and...
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