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Client Centered Care

Client Centered Care

At Communities of Care, we put the client first.  We design a home care community of support for the client, including their family, physician, and nurses.  We strive to see the client holistically and support them in the larger community. This includes connecting them to mental health support, economic support, and anything else that meets their unique needs.

Our carefully-designed scheduling methods encourage nurses to stay long-term on a single case. This is better for the client in many ways, providing stability and allowing nurses to understand the client’s physical and emotional baseline better. With this in mind, they can easily detect changes and provide care and intervention as needed. When Communities of Care was forming, we saw the policies of other clients to abruptly pull nurses off of a “stable” case to fill other open cases.  We saw the devastating effect this revolving door approach and open shifts had on clients, and we thought it was a terrible business decision.  We carefully designed our values and our methods to create the opposite environment for our clients.  We provide long term care and stability.

We want our nurses to work efficiently and effectively. To this end, our care plans, medication records, and maintenance schedules are custom-designed for each client’s particular needs. This allows nurses to understand client needs more effectively, as well as spending less time charting and more time with the client.

These are just some of the ways we provide client centered care, as we have been doing since 1999. We are proud to set the standard in compassionate, client-centered care, and will continue to do so.


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