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Employee Excellence

Employee Excellence

Hey everyone! This is guest blogger Elena Vaughn, stepping in for this week’s blog introducing Community of Care’s fearless leader, Joan Vaughn.

Joan started Communities of Care in 1999 to find nurses for her medically complex daughter, who happens to be me.  Joan intended to start the company for just me, but through her time on the Children’s Hospital advisory board, she learned there was a greater need for this method of nursing and began to take on other clients.  (By the way, I no longer needed nursing care after age 5, and I have worked in the office at Communities of Care through my high school and college years.)

Joan has been active in legislation, working cooperatively with MDH, DHS, and other home care agencies to make positive changes to Minnesota law for home care.  She has also been active in entrepreneur groups and has mentored many other small businesses.

Now, after 21 years, the company is still going strong, with an excellent reputation with nurses, clients, state agencies, and insurance companies. Communities of Care is committed to professionalism and family-centered care, treating clients and nurses with utmost respect. As we say at Communities of Care, “we treat you the way we want to be treated.”

Guest Blogger, Elena Vaughn

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