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Five Tips for Focus

Five Tips for Focus

As we begin to re-establish routines and re-enter society, it’s easy to get weighed down by stress and anxiety. To stay balanced, motivators such as Brendon Burchard have created simple and effective routines for focus and peace.

Brendon Burchard is a three-time NYT Bestseller and a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, among countless other accolades. In this episode of his podcast, he shares his daily routines for sanity and centeredness.

  1. Set the tone. Immediately after waking, lie in bed for five minutes and release any physical or mental tension. Starting the day in a fresh, relaxed mindset allows for better focus and more productive workdays.
  2. Set simple goals. For example, when beginning the workday, set an intention for the next fifty minutes. Start small, focus on what needs to get done, and do it efficiently.
  3. Encourage five people per day. Even a simple “thinking of you” text can make someone’s day
  4. Limit social media and news intake. Brendon only allows two 15-minute screen time blocks.
  5. Stay educated. There are countless TED Talks and inspirational videos available on YouTube or other options such as Udemy or Khan Academy. Learning new skills or sharpening knowledge of your niche is always an excellent use of free time and a positive, enriching focal point for the mind.

Staying relaxed, connecting with loved ones, and continually learning are excellent ways to take care of ourselves as we navigate new realities.

For more tips, go to or Brendon’s social media channels.



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