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How Do We Know?

How Do We Know?

In an industry riddled with fraud and misappropriations, my team at Communities of Care has committed ourselves to the highest ethical standards and also to being the most effectively-run business we can be.  So how can we be sure that we are doing a good job?

We are intermittently audited by the Department of Health and our insurance providers.  Beyond that intermittent third-party verification, we do extensive internal audits to make sure that we are 1.  doing the right thing, and 2. doing it right.  What do we audit?  Everything!

  • All nurse charting including flow sheets and medication records – monthly
  • Billing cycle: nurse charting to timecards to billing to payments – monthly
  • Timecards to schedules – weekly
  • External review of our accounting by an external CFO – monthly
  • Employee file compliance – monthly

We also voluntarily track outcomes data about our client’s infections, hospitalizations, and open shifts.

We want to be sure that we are the most reputable agency in town, and we have been for 17 years and counting!

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