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Improved Communication Through Technology

Improved Communication Through Technology

Communities of Care has always been proud to communicate effectively with our nurses, and newer technological options make it even easier. Our HR specialist Lyndsay communicates with 15-20 nurses a week on average, and recent improvements in technology have made her job easier.

75-80% of our communication with nurses is through email or texting, and nurses increasingly tell us that they prefer to text.  Our main phone number, which has always been simply a phone tool, has recently also become a text line.  Now our office staff can answer calls and texts through the same phone number.  Texting nurses is increasingly convenient for our HR specialist Lyndsay to resolve issues like scheduling, hiring, time off, and payroll because the response is generally quick.  

Another recent technological gain is our clock in/out app, When I Work.  This is a massive help for nurses and the office for simple verification. The app acts as a time card tracker, showing when nurses clock in/out. On their interface, nurses see their shifts and a green button to clock in and out. Lyndsay sees all nurse punches and sorts them by cases. This information is then relayed to our payroll department. Over the last few years,  the app has become essential. 

Lyndsay is grateful for these tools that make work easier, and the improvements over the past few years have been very helpful.  Of course, we value our in-person, Zoom, and phone interactions with nurses as well.  We are caregivers, and nothing can replace a smile!

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