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Keeping Pets Happy and Healthy in the Heat

Keeping Pets Happy and Healthy in the Heat

We wrote a few weeks ago about keeping children healthy in the summer heat, but we want to share a few more tips that can also apply to our furry friends. For more information, you can visit HuffPost.

Check the Heat Index – The heat index is the combined measurement of the temperature and the humidity. When the humidity is higher. the temperature should be lower to maintain a healthy environment for walking pets. Pavement also gets much warmer than grass or concrete, so adjusting your path can make a difference.

Know Your Pet – Pets with different kinds of fur react to heat differently, so do some research on your particular pet’s breed and heat tolerance. Additionally, if your pet has any health conditions or is very young or very old, they might be at higher risk for heat issues.

Hydrate – Bring water on walks and offer it as you go. One unique idea to boost overall hydration is adding chicken broth ice cubes to their dry food. Dogs will also enjoy fruits like watermelon, which has high water content.

Overall, many of the steps that prevent humans from overheating will also work for pets! Hydration, shade, and knowing your personal tolerance can help everyone make the most of the summer!

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