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Managing Mosquitos

Managing Mosquitos

As fun as summer in Minnesota is, no one likes a mosquito. They attack out of nowhere and leave irritating bumps in our way! Chemical bug sprays are popular for combating them, but there are some awesome natural alternatives for those who are chemical-averse. Healthline has a list of natural oils that repel mosquitoes, including  lemon eucalyptus oil catnip oil, and neem oil. These are typically made by diluting 10-20 drops of oil in water or another oil base. 

For those who want to experiment, Insect Cop blends these and other ingredients in precise recipes. These recipes use a base of garlic oil or vinegar oil. which have both been praised as effective remedies despite scientific dispute. 

Whatever route you take, you don’t have to let pesky mosquitoes get in the way of enjoying this beautiful Minnesota summer! Let’s go soak up the beauty of our great state. 

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