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Modern Miracles: Gemini Untwined Separates Conjoined Twins

Modern Miracles: Gemini Untwined Separates Conjoined Twins

This week we want to highlight the incredible story of Brazilian twins conjoined at the head, who were separated in a groundbreaking surgery that involved virtual reality.

According to the BBC, three-year-old twins, Bernardo and Arthur Lima were separated throughout seven surgeries, and the final procedure took 27 hours. The surgeons and doctors used virtual reality to “practice” the surgeries on scans of the boys’ heads. The surgery happened in Brazil. with assistance from doctors in London over the same VR technology.

The surgery was organized by Gemini Untwined, a charity that aims to “defy the odds” and separate “craniopagus” twins, who are conjoined at the head and brain. The best craniofacial surgeons around the globe have been providing care since 2006, but the charity has been formally operational since 2018.

With technological advancements like virtual reality and a dedicated team of world-class specialists, amazing things can happen!


Stock cover photo by Jellke Vanooteghem, from Unsplash

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