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Next Steps in Opening Minnesota

Next Steps in Opening Minnesota

Many Minnesotans are excited to hear that our state leaders are starting to open up more businesses and elective surgeries in Minnesota.  As you know, we at Communities of Care have been studying Gov Walz press conferences, CDC documentation, and MN Department of Health recommendations; we study them so we can provide our clients, nurses, and allies accurate recommendations to protect their health, and we are advising to continue quarantining as much as you can.

From the beginning, Minnesota leadership have followed the method of watching the data models and using Executive Orders to flatten the curve until our state has enough testing equipment to detect the virus and enough hospital/ICU beds to take care of the estimated number of people who will become sick.   The Governor is opening up more businesses, opening elective surgeries, and perhaps loosening the Stay at Home order soon, but that does not mean that the virus has gone away.  On the contrary, it means we will be able to manage all the people who will get sick with the next wave of the virus as more people are in contact with each other.  “We are not past the worst of this.  As a nation, our peak is still coming,” noted Gov Walz in his press conference today.

While most healthy people do not need to fear the virus, home care clients and others with medically-complex conditions are at risk from the virus.  While the rest of the state is slowly opening, we — home care clients, nurses, and our allies — need to hunker down and keep abiding by the Stay at Home order.  This is not the time for us to change anything about our activities.  

  1. Be in physical contact with members of your household only.  Do not extend that bubble yet.  Infection is invisible and exponential.
  2. Wash your hands often.
  3. Don’t touch your face.
  4. Wear a mask when you go out in public.
  5. Work from home if you are able.
  6. Have grace for yourself and others in this time that is so different for us all. 

We are here to help.  Give us a call at 651-482-0549.

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