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Demystifying the Office of Ombudsman

Demystifying the Office of Ombudsman

This week, we want to give another “behind the scenes” look at an aspect of home care. If you’ve heard or seen the term “ombudsman” in a home care context and are confused, this post is for you!

The Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care (OOLTC) is an advocacy agency that serves long-term care patients at home and in facilities, along with their loved ones. Their main priorities are advocating for patients, empowering patients to self-advocate, and resolving complaints about care quality. They also provide information about care options, patient rights, facility regulations, and other aspects of long-term care.

Communities of Care doesn’t have much interaction with the OOLTC, but they have been wonderful to work with. They are pleasant, resourceful, and responsive. They have updated information on statutes and can provide additional resources for us and our clients.

If you want to know more about home care, you can learn more here. You can apply for an open position and refer a client.

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