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Our Proven Process

Our Proven Process

At Communities of Care, we are proud of our unique model, which we’ve implemented since 1999. All of our client policies were inspired by my needs as the parent of a medically fragile child, and they’ve proven extremely beneficial for our other clients as well 

We prepare our block schedule on a two week rotation, which has been a tremendous success for many years. Scheduling nurses on the same shifts every two weeks allows them to plan other aspects of their lives. and we encourage our nurses to have a healthy work-life balance. This model also gives clients stability and security in their schedules. They know who is scheduled to care for them, and the nurses are keenly aware of the client’s baseline health and can detect anomalies quicker. 

We work to ensures that our clients and nurses are a good match. We want our clients and nurses to be friendly, and for the clients to be geographically convenient for the nurses. We factor this in from the beginning of the interview process, sending prospective nurses to meet the client and family and make sure everyone is on the same page. Once the client and family approve. the nurses can establish and grow a caring and professional relationship 

We put every effort into customized, top-level care for our clients. We are especially proud of our customized charting for clients, including medication records and daily flow charts to track vitals. We maintain high ethical care standards and seek to make impacts in state legislation beyond our clients. 

We are proud to provide quality home health care to our Twin Cities clients, and we will continue to make a measurable impact every day. 

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