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Rare Disease Day 2022 – Awareness Makes Change

Rare Disease Day 2022 – Awareness Makes Change

February 28, 200 was Rare Disease Day. This is a global day of awareness for over 300 million people who live with conditions like Gaucher’s disease, cystic fibrosis, or Turner syndrome. February 28 (or 29 in leap years) was chosen because it is the rarest day of the year.  The campaign has been active since 2008, working to  “advocate for rare diseases as a human rights priority at local, national and international level as we work towards a more inclusive society.”

The website has engaging stories of patients from Mexico to Iran, and it’s definitely worth reading. Like the volunteers of Rare Disease Day, Communities of Care is proud to work with similar patients in the Twin Cities area. We provide excellent care to our clients along with advocating for change through state legislation. We love making a measurable difference in our clients’ lives!

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