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Small Business Spotlight: AromaWell

Small Business Spotlight: AromaWell

As we wrap up our holiday shopping, it can get harder to find unique and personalized gifts. A great option for the health-conscious people on your nice list is essential oils, and one of Minnesota’s best essential oil businesses is AromaWell, run by Jess Wiehle.  Here are her thoughts on the impact of essential oils and the importance of small businesses. 

During the holiday season, any new customer that signs up for the AromaWell newsletter receives 15% off!  Folks can sign up at the website at the bottom of the home page and receive their coupon code via email.

AromaWell was founded by Jessica Wiehle in 2012 after her son was born. “When I discovered the many health concerns connected to conventional cleaning chemicals, fragrance, and cosmetics, my head spun… Many things started to make more sense such as how lifestyle and our modern world really do contribute to our overall health… I, a researcher and truth seeker, sought to learn everything I could about health and wellness.”

Her health journey opened her eyes to the many benefits of essential oils. “When I discovered how powerful essential oils were, I was floored!  These little drops didn’t just smell amazing, there was a whole world of research and clinical evidence to support their therapeutic use for so many things.… My love was with the magic of the oils and how just a simple inhale could carry me into a state of bliss when I needed it most.”

Jess is committed to sourcing and sharing the best-quality oils, wading through the conflicting information, and giving clients a sustainable and holistic experience. Her journey has also intertwined with the elderly community, exploring the visible benefits of essential oil in mood, relationships, and sleep

Jess is also passionate about small business empowers everyone. “When we support local businesses, we help build a stronger community that can, in turn, support us.  We are part of growing and sustaining a community we can depend on when a wrench is thrown in the wheel…” Keeping AromaWell small also keeps the supply chain short and allows them to source the highest quality ingredients. 

We are lucky to know one of many amazing local entrepreneurs, and Christmas is an awesome time to support them! Happy holidays from Communities of Care

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