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Using the Phonetic Alphabet for Easier Communication

Using the Phonetic Alphabet for Easier Communication

As our world expands and our communication increases, it’s easier for things to get lost in translation. One way to ensure clear communication is the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, also known by other names. This system was first adopted in the military in 1956 and slowly broadened to become standard communication among military personnel, civilians, and radio transmitters.

The NATO Phonetic Alphabet is a list of 26 “code words”, which stand for the first letter of the word. The 26 codewords can be found on NATO’s site, along with more detailed information. The most common code word is “Bravo”, which signifies “B”. Each codeword also has a particular Morse code pattern for adaptive communication.

These widely known phrases can help dialogue across cultures and allow us to continue sharing ideas and growing our communities!

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