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Why Nurses Matter in Home Care

Why Nurses Matter in Home Care

Home care is a collaborative industry with many necessary roles, including doctors, nurses, and unlicensed assistants such as PCAs and home health aides. While all of these jobs are wonderful and necessary, Communities of Care focuses on providing licensed RNs and LPNs.

Home care paid by insurance or Medicaid requires a doctor’s order for care. (Private pay is a different industry). This article gives a lovely overview of different types of home care. 

There are differences between activities unlicensed aides can perform as opposed to licensed nurses. Unlicensed aides are helpful for Assisting Daily Living activities, (ADLs) such as dressing, grooming, cooking, housekeeping, getting to appointments, and reminders to take medications.  Only RNs and LPNs can perform medical tasks such as administering meds, performing assessments, providing meds and treatments based on assessments, many tasks associated with G-tube, trach, and vent, using sterile techniques for cares.  

To put it simply, unlicensed aides can help with non-medical treatments and scheduled therapies (such as range-of-motion), but only licensed nurses can give medical treatments, 

While COC provides specialized RN and LPN care, we celebrate all caregivers who work together for our clients!

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