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Wonder: A Middle-Grade Journey of Acceptance

Wonder: A Middle-Grade Journey of Acceptance

We shared a few weeks ago about the fantastic novel Out of My Mind, which highlights the story of a middle-schooler with cerebral palsy finding acceptance and friendship. Another encouraging story for curious readers is Wonder.

Wonder tells the story of August (Auggie) Pullman as he begins 5th grade after being homeschooled. Like all kids, he wants to be accepted and make new friends, but his classmates have trouble understanding his physical differences. It’s an inspiring read for “typical” and “atypical” kids alike, to help foster understanding and diverse friendships.

Wonder was also made into a 2017 movie starring Jacob Tremblay as August, and Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as his parents. This is a great option for a movie night with family and friends, and can spark important conversations with kids about other kids in their schools.

If you know of other uplifting and inspiring novels centered on medically complex kids, we would love to hear about them! You can leave a comment on our Facebook and LinkedIn. We’ll see you next week,

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