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Helpful Covid-19 Resources

Helpful Covid-19 Resources

Greetings from Communities of Care.  We have been carefully researching Covid-19 guidance from CDC, Minnesota Department of Health, and Governor Tim Walz for the past several weeks.   My Director of Nursing and I have carefully created policies and guidelines for our clients and nurses, and we are in close communication with them.  There are many special considerations for home care nursing, and we are committed to providing our clients and nurses with strong leadership and guidance.

Since we are deep in the research, we also want to help the general public sort through the reams of information available about Covid-19.  This short video from PBS is a clear explanation of the statistical analysis driving the need for social distancing and the Shelter at Home policies many states have implemented to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19.  The video is clear and appropriate for all ages.  It is critical that everyone understand and follow the social distancing and the Shelter at Home guidelines (note, Minnesota does not have a Shelter at Home Mandate right now).

This second attachment is a simple 1 page guide for what to do if you are sick with Covid-19 symptoms.  Even if you are healthy, please review this, print it, and have it available as reference in case someone you know has symptoms.

And finally, remember that we are all in this together.

  • Extend grace and peace to everyone.
  • Eat healthy food to keep your immune system strong.
  • Practice social distancing and voluntarily Shelter at Home if you can.  Plan on that for weeks or maybe months.
  • Go outside for a walk every day if you can.
  • Limit your information sources to credible agencies such as the CDC, the Minnesota Department of Health, and government press conferences. I can assure you that your Aunt Mabel does not have more accurate information than the CDC.

We all need to surround ourselves with uplifting and positive things every day.  Take a minute to watch this beautiful video of Broadway performers singing “What the World Needs Now.”

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