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Home Care Nursing – The Best New Career Path

Home Care Nursing – The Best New Career Path

If you’re looking for a career change or simply ready to get back into the healthcare workforce, home care nursing might be an excellent option for you!

Home care nursing is unique from other nursing fields for many reasons. One of the primary advantages of a career in home care nursing is the unique one-on-one relationship between the client and nurse. With a small and committed care team, clients can build close relationships with their nurses and rely on their consistent presence.

Another rewarding benefit of home care is the chance to work with high-tech innovations. Many home care clients have tracheostomies, G-tubes, ventilators, and other complex conditions and devices. Becoming skilled with these technologies is a valuable career asset for any nurse.

Being a home care nurse is a rewarding profession, and Communities of Care is a great place to start!  Our block scheduling method allows nurses to rely on a consistent schedule with predictable shifts and enjoy regular time off.  We believe in high-professionalism and creating low-drama work environments. We want to foster collaborative care teams and always put the client first. We avoid hierarchies and encourage everyone to communicate clearly when issues need to be addressed.  We pride ourselves on knowing all of our nurses, being responsive to calls and questions, and treating our staff with utmost respect.  Join our team!  

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