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Home Care: The Invisible Industry

Home Care: The Invisible Industry

Home care is a unique industry within medicine because it is far less visible than running a private practice or working in a hospital. When driving through a neighborhood, one could pass any number of houses that receive home care without even knowing. This is because home health care seamlessly enriches the lives of clients, making a daily positive impact.

Many people see “home care” as simply a one-time visit to check on an elderly relative after surgery. But home care for elderly patients is more recognized than pediatric care, simply because most people rarely encounter people with severe medical complexities, such as a trach, G-tube, or ventilator. Home care nurses are essential to help patients with their ongoing medical needs, so they can focus on other aspects of life like family, friends, and fun.

Communities of Care is proud to support our clients and make a measurable difference in their lives every day!

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